Monday, 4 April 2011

Northern League Day 9th April 2011

Ok, I've mentioned it before, but I'd just like to remind you that this event is this coming Saturday. The guys behind the day have persuaded two teams to get up early on Saturday morning and so Whickham v Washington is an 11.30am kick off, giving you the opportunity of a double on the day. I've replicated the idea behind the day below, so I hope some of you might be able to support the day. See you there.

"Inspired by the nationwide success of last September’s Non-League Day, the first ever Northern League Day will take place at the traditional kick-off time of 3 o’clock on Saturday 9th April 2011.

With Middlesbrough at Sheffield United and Newcastle United playing in the lunchtime televised fixture away at Aston Villa the following day, we hope as many fans as possible will turn out to support their local non-league football teams.


We’ll be at Ryton (bottom of Division One at the time of writing with three points from thirty games and a goal difference of minus one hundred and three). After promised sponsorship money failed to materialise in the summer, Ryton had to sack their management team and every single player except one followed them out of the club. £5 of your money here would go a very long way. They play Billingham Synthonia, where Brian Clough started his career and perhaps the only club in world football to be named after an agricultural fertiliser. The nearest train station to Ryton is Wylam (15 minutes from Central Station), home of the famous Boathouse Inn. Remember when you could enjoy a Saturday afternoon out with your mates, watch a game of football and have a couple of beers for a tenner? You still can."

There is more information at the website set up for the day here.


  1. Thanks again for the plug. Hopefully see you in the Boathouse or at Ryton tomorrow. You should be able to spot me by the short hair, New Balance trainers and, of course, camera.

  2. I'll see you at Ryton as I am going to go to Whickham for the early game. Thats funny, I've got short hair and will be carrying a camera too!