Thursday, 30 December 2010

Glasshoughton Welfare

I've had a bit of a disaster and I've only gone and lost the photos off my computer somehow of the three new grounds I've recently visited. So unfortunately there will be no pictures of Darlington Railway, Nettleham or Marske United. So this report is about a visit I made to the Glasshoughton Centre, home of Glasshoughton Welfare, in August 2008, when they entertained Yorkshire Amateurs in NCEL Division One.
Now I actually had a problem finding the ground due to my own stupidity. I convinced myself that the ground was on my left as I drove along Leeds Road where it is situated. On my sixth cruise down the road I was getting rather frustrated at not finding the ground! Something made me look on the opposite side of the road to where I was looking and this actually enabled me to spot the ground. I'd only driven past it five times! I quickly parked the car and walked towards the turnstiles trying to look like I knew where I was going and hoped no one would ask me why I had been driving up and down the road outside.
The turnstiles are situated at the corner of the ground and the Glasshoughton Centre, which houses the dressing rooms, bar and toilets is to the right, sitting along the half way line.

Immediately in front of me is one end of the pitch and I make my way clockwise around the ground. This end has a railing running along it and this actually runs round the edge of the whole ground. There is hard standing and a grassy area behind it.

There is a small covered stand directly behind the goal.

This brings you to the side of the ground opposite the Centre, and the hard standing continues with a covered seated stand with benches on the half way line.

There is a fairly large grassy area behind all this with several mature trees standing within the ground itself.

The opposite end to where I came in has more hard standing but is pretty narrow with houses backing up to the fence.

The next picture gives you a better overview of this end of the ground.

This now brings you back to the side of the ground where all the facilities are.

The Glasshoughton Centre is "for healthy living, learning and leisure" and holds fitness and yoga classes for the local people. Inside today, a Bank holiday, there are only a few football fans in search of something to eat and drink and so you will be pleased to hear I took the healthy option of a cool fruit juice. Oh and a Mars Bar. Well I did walk round the ground!

I don't remember too much about the game, but the hot weather made it tough going for both teams. Glasshoughton scored from the penalty spot to level the scores and that was the final goal of the day. I did enjoy the trip despite my problem of finding the ground and everyone I met were friendly although I did get one or two odd looks as I made my way around the ground taking my photos.

More pictures of The Glasshoughton Centre here. (Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, this was before I had my current camera.)

Glasshoughton Welfare 1-1 Yorkshire Amateur
Att: 81
Admission: £4


  1. I know that feeling. Once wiped about a hundred pictures of Budapest, Nice and Monaco from my camera. Feel free to use any of my photos of Marske and Darlington RA. Know it's not the same, of course.

  2. Mmmmm, I didn't mention my Gothenburg pictures did I? Thank god I'd already done my football visits.
    Thanks for the offer as well, but like you say, not the same really. Revisit anyone?