Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Grantham Town v Spalding United Monday 3rd January 2011 Evo-Stik Division One South

After keeping a close eye on the various sites which would alert me to the postponement of my intended game, confirmation that the game was on came fairly early in the morning and meant I did not have to spend any time looking for another game.

The problem was, having arrived at the ground, I honestly don't believe that Grantham thought that the game would be on. The turnstiles were firmly shut and although someone with the programmes arrived in front of them, the turnstiles remained closed until about 2.20pm. They were not exactly helpful in telling you that they were open either. I'd wandered off to take some more photos outside and as I got back to the point of entry another fan asked if they were open now, having been stood outside for 20 minutes, back came the reply of "yes, course they are". Well thanks for telling us!

Once inside I overhear an old guy asking if the toilets were open. "They are just looking for the key" was the reply. Well of course, you've only had all day to open them. Shambolic.
Anyway, you enter the ground to the left of the half way line with a large covered stand opposite you and the large seated stand to your right.

I head to my left and towards the Club Shop where I buy one of the six badges they have left having suffered a break-in and the loss of most of their stock. Before the shop there is an area of terracing with three rows of crush barriers, something I was not expecting to see.

There is a running track between the stands and the pitch and at the ends of the ground the distance is at it's maximum.

There is a four step terrace at either end of the pitch, but they are fairly exposed and a long way away from the pitch and I did not see anyone using them today. My biggest surprise of the day is the large covered terracing which was opposite where I came in. I had seen photos of the main stand but I'd never seen this terracing before.

As you can see from the photo, it is very large and there were a number of people stood here for the game. A very pleasant surprise.

I carry on back towards the second end of the ground which is basically a replica of the other and the large main stand looms large again.

I reach the side I came in and there is another area of terracing, the same as where I came in. This section though has some seats bolted to it, not really sure why though.

After this, you are back at the main stand. The seating is divided into two levels with a fairly large lower level giving you a pitch level view of the game.

Here's another view of this stand.

The game was not the best to be fair and you can see why Spalding have scored 21 goals in 23 games. To be fair though they had two great chances early in the game but were unable to find the breakthrough. Grantham hauled themselves back into the game and started to take control. Their best chance came just before half time when the Spalding keeper Brassingham clawed a ball that had gone past him to prevent a goal.

The second half began the same as the first with Spalding starting well, but Grantham got into their stride more quickly this half and soon had a couple of chances on goal. On 60 minutes Grantham had Gary Sucharewycz sent off for a second yellow, deserved in my opinion the whining of the home fans. He had been lucky in my opinion not to be sent off in the first half when the referee only booked him for an elbow. Spalding could not take advantage of their extra man despite carving out several chances. In fact towards the end Grantham could have snatched the win but were not able to take their chances. Spalding also had a player sent off 5 minutes from time, again for a second yellow.
Another goalless draw and another game that will quickly fade from the memory.

The ground was a lot better than I was expecting to be honest. I'm not a big fan of grounds with running tracks around them but this was a better example of this type of ground. The atmosphere was pretty good too and the view from the upper seating was good and you did not feel too far from the action.

More pictures of the South Kesteven Sports Centre here.

Grantham Town 0-0 Spalding United
Att: 177
Admission: £8
Programme: £2
Badge: £2.50


  1. If they moved those stands twenty metres closer to the pitch, it wouldn't be a bad little ground. I despise running tracks at football grounds.

  2. I know what you mean. Thats why I was suprised at the how close you felt to the action despite the running track. Mind you, the view from behind the goals was not only very distant, at one end you had athletics nets blocking the view too!
    Still, been now but I will not be returning unless the Foxes play there.