Sunday, 14 March 2010

Game 49 - Westella & Willerby v Paramore Sports Saturday 6th March 2010 Buckingham Insurance Supreme Division (2.15pm KO)

So I leave the splendid hospitality of Easington United behind and head to Brough where the temporary home of Westella & Willerby, The Blackburn Leisure Social Club, is situated. It takes an hour to drive here and in the middle of Hull my phone goes crazy with a dozen or so texts which have been unable to get through before as there was no signal in Easington. I arrive at the ground 45 minutes before kick off and so have time to take some photos and buy a home badge.

There are no stands and no cover here but again we are fortunate that the weather is cold but dry. The pitch is railed off and there are several more pitches over the far side. There is a large cricket pavilion type building which houses the dressing rooms and has a balcony for viewing the game. The large social club has all the facilities for the spectator and you can buy food in one section and drinks in the bar. I head to the bar and get a coffee and listen to Sky whilst waiting for the game to start. I then head outside and there is a minutes silence for Keith Alexander before kick off.

The game itself was dire and Parramore scored the only goal in a fairly niggly match. It was made worse by the texts coming from Hillsbrough where the Foxes were heading for a 2-0 defeat. I also met the guy who has the excellent Mind of an Imp blog. I think I may have scared him a little bit, some random loony coming up to you probably has that effect.

The other bizarre thing that happened during the game came courtesy of the hopper stood near me during the second half. As Parramore scored the only goal of the game he commented "That should seal it". I concurred, adding that I thought one goal was always going to be enough. "What do you mean? That makes it 2-0"he replied. What! Where had the other goal come from? This had me thinking I was already overdosed on football after only two games. At the final whistle I headed to the car where the chap I had spoken to as I parked up was just putting his gear into his boot. I had to ask didn't I, even though this might make me look like the loony the Imps fan thought I was. "What was the final score?" I asked. "1-0" he replied. Phew, my doubts about my sanity evaporated, leaving my fellow hopper chuckling when I told him why I was asking.

More pictures of The Blackburn Leisure Social Club here.

Westella & Willerby 0-1 Parramore Sports
Att: 194
Admission: £3
Programme: £1
Badge: £3

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