Sunday, 4 April 2010

Holker Old Boys v Oldham Borough Saturday 27th March 2010 Vodkat League Division One

The observant amongst you will have noticed that there is no game number for this entry. Why is that? I hear you ask. Well, thereby hangs a tale. After an interesting morning following the coast road to Barrow and a visit to The Dock Museum we made our way to Rakesmoor Lane, home of Holker Old Boys.

We go in and wander round the ground anti-clockwise. The Clubhouse, dressing rooms and dugouts are all on this side. There also looks like a covered area beyond the dugouts but when we get there, only the supports remain and there is no roof!

We reach the far end where there is only a one level standing area that runs behind the whole end.

There is a gateway half way down and this allows wayward balls to be brought back. This also gives you a view of the two pitches outside of the ground. On the far pitch there is a Holker juniors game taking place.

The side that runs along the pitch on the far side also has one level hard standing which runs the whole length of the pitch. It also has one of my favourite quirks of the season. There is a set of steps leading out of the ground, over the fence outside, giving you access to the field behind to retrieve the balls that end up there.

The sheep in the background did not like us much, took one look and had a massive pee! Must be a Derby fan. Anyway, we carry on undaunted to the other end. The hard standing behind the goal is a bit overgrown as you can see.

This end also has the seated stand that is sited at the corner of the end.

Here's another view.

Now to the reason why the legend "Game 57" does not adorn this entry. Not long after we got into the ground, one of Holker's officials tells us that the Oldham coach has broken down on the way to the ground and that they are waiting to see if they will make it. We get a coffee in the Clubhouse and wait for news. And wait. My list of alternative fixtures starts going through my head. As time moves on I start to have doubts the game will go ahead. Eventually another call is received from Oldham Boro, the recovery have still not arrived. I make the decision that we are going to leave, but where to? We could still make Barrow's game but I really do not fancy it, so we decide to hot tail it to Kendal. This means we will only see the second half but I'm happy with my choice. Not long after we get in the car and are on our way my phone goes. City have just gone 1-0 down to a bizarre own goal. The day just gets worse.

More pictures of Rakesmoor Lane here.

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  1. The trials and tribulations of Non-League football.
    I saw FC United play here once. I'm trying to block out memories of the rest of my visit to Barrow.