Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Game 46 - Armthorpe Welfare v Brodsworth Welfare Tuesday 3rd March 2010 NCEL Premier League

Ok, I admit it. I chose this game because I'm a goal whore. One of the best attacks in the division up against the worst team in the league with a minus goal difference of 107. Ingredients for goals galore but Mrs Reynard said it would serve me right if it was 0-0. Harsh, but probably fair.
I've been to Armthorpe before, so I'm using the pictures I took on a lovely sunny day instead of taking more tonight. I have to admit I have a soft spot for both teams playing tonight but especially Broddy. I had a great night out there last season and I've paid particular attention to their results since. However, since I started following their results the curse of Reynard has struck and they have had a torrid time, only escaping relegation last season due to ground grading issues with other teams in the League. Tonight they sit bottom of the League with only 2 points out of a possible 54.
The 52 miles to Armthorpe are soon covered and I find myself in the ground by 7.20pm, guided by the floodlights lighting the sky from several miles away.

You come into the ground in the corner with the pitch and facilities mainly to your right. I'll go round the ground clockwise and behind the goal is hard standing with a fence behind it which tonight looks like it is having some work done to it.

As you reach the far side there is more hard standing and the dugouts are situated on this side. I really like the floodlights here, they are a bit different.

Behind the other goal is a covered standing area with three shallow steps.

This brings us back to the other side of the ground where the main stand is situated. Strangely, there are another pair of dugouts which are not in use. The covered stand are where the 'seats' are situated, more like benches as there are no backs to them. Behind this stand are the changing rooms and tea hut.

The game begins and it is Armthorpe who make all of the running from the start and they make several chances without scoring. They do score after 8 minutes from a penalty by Hardy. The Broddy goal comes under siege and the defence keep out several shots but a huge shout goes up for handball and as I look to the linesman I can see he is signalling for a penalty. After consulting with the linesman, the referee awards the penalty and sends off the guilty Brodsworth player. Brodsworth really have an uphill task now and Armthorpe set about increasing their lead with wave after wave of attacks. A combination of poor finishing and resolute defending keeps the score the same until 29 minutes when Fletcher makes it 2-0. Ten minutes later it is 3-0 when Buck scores and this is the score at half time.
I'm now expecting a rout, but to their credit Brodsworth not only defend well but go forward at every opportunity. They keep Armthorpe at bay until the 80th minute when Walker scores from a free kick. A minute later it is 5-0 when Hardy scores his second of the night with a smart finish. The game ends with no further score and Brodsworth have acquited themselves with credit considering they were up against it so early in the game.

More pictures of Church Street here.

Armthorpe Welfare 5-0 Brodsworth Welfare
Att: 63
Admission: £5
Programme: £1

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