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Qviding FIF v Ytterby IS Sunday 4th July 2010 Division 1 Södra

The blog has landed in Scandanavia! As with any visit to a town or city, I always check out the possibility of visiting a local ground, but with the World Cup still being on I thought my luck in actually seeing a game would be slim. Wrong! A quick check on WorldSoccer.com revealed games on in the Superettan and leagues below. Further research revealed home games for the Gothenburg teams of Qviding FIF and Örgryte IS. Result.
So, on the second day of our trip, I leave Mrs Reynard and Helen and make my way to Valhalla Idrottsplats, home of Qviding. I get off the tram at the Ullevi Stadium and start the walk to the ground, but I notice that people are going into the Ullevi and spotting an open gate I’m soon striding up the steps into the stadium. There is an athletics meeting taking place and so I’m able to take a few shots before carrying on my journey.
It’s a very hot day and the walk seems to take a while, something I’ve noticed always happens when you are not a 100% sure of where you are headed. I arrive at the swimming complex and so I know I’m not far away and I soon spot the floodlights of the ground.

Before going in I decide to have a wander around the outside, so I head down to the corner and down the side of the ground. Not too much to see, but in the distance the Ullevi Stadium is visible and I’m able to get a nice shot of it and the Valhalla.

At the far end you can see back into the ground, with the large seated stand opposite and the terracing I’ve just walked behind. There is a large car park behind this end and beyond that there are people using the open area to play football and do athletics. There is no stand at this end, but there seems to be a complex which I later realise contains the dressing rooms and there appears to be a Clubhouse too.
I make my way back along where I came and return to the entrance and make my way into the ground. I make my way up the steep slope and go to the kiosk at the top behind the main stand, looking for a drink and a badge. I soon realise that the guy behind the kiosk only speaks a little English but I’m able to get a drink fairly easily. The badge is a little harder. Remembering from our Stockholm trip that they call them pins, I ask if they have pins. Total puzzlement from my Swedish friend, but I persevere and show him the badge on the programme and he replies “Ah Pins. Sorry, I don’t have any but I’ll ask around. Can you come back at…….”. He says something in Swedish at this point, so I take a guess and say Half Time. “Yes half time” he replies.
I wander off with my drink and take some more photos. As I make my down the steps I feel a tap on my shoulder. It’s the kiosk man. With a badge. I ask how much I owe him but he tells me nothing. I thank him for his kindness and he’s gone.
I make my way into the seated stand and have a look round the ground. The end I came in has only hard standing behind the goal and you can make your way to the terraced stand opposite where I am sat.
Both the stand I am in and this stand have a curved shape to them and it gives them an interesting look that I have to say I really like as it gives the ground a unique look. The end opposite to where I came in also has hard standing behind it and in the corner is where the teams come out. The seated stand already has a number of people in it ready for the game and I settle down to await the start of the game. I was given a free four page glossy colour programme when I paid my admission and I have a quick look. Not bad for nowt!

I don’t really know what to expect from the game to be honest, what level in comparision to home is hard to tell before hand. The game starts brightly enough and both teams knock the ball around well and there are chances for both early on. Qviding look sharper up front however and it is Qviding that take the lead through Thomas Eriksson on 25 minutes. The game turns Qviding’s way now and they were unlucky not to extend their lead before half time, but the score is 1-0 as the whistle goes.
The second half sees Ytterby start well and they push hard for the equaliser. But their wayward finishing is punished when Eriksson scores his second on 60 minutes. The game swings back to Qviding’s favour and they look good for more goals but only add one more on 72 minutes through Kenan Galijatovic. The game was over but there was some nice football played by both sides and Ytterby got a consolation goal on 90 minutes scored by Robert Vilahmn.
A decent game to watch and a very friendly welcome made it a good afternoon out and not even the appearance of some vuvuzelas could dampen my enjoyment.

More pictures of Valhalla here.

Qviding FIF 3-1 Ytterby IS
Att: 276
Admission: 80Kr (approx. £7.12)
Programme: Free 4 sheet programme
Badge: Free

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